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marketing is simply the engagement of tools to get your business exposed and recognized by potential people who are looking for what you're providing. 



start at the beginning with a solid plan, & a strategy to establish the foundation for your business growth


get the word out with messaging tools

social media management, website design, marketing collateral - help your people connect to you


special project management, campaign design, art design, photoshoot design & direction


address a specific issue with insight, strategy & tools

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With an education in business administration and marketing, I began my career as a marketing director for a community NPO and then an estate planning marketing company in WA before moving to California. Seeking a new challenge, I started and operated my own wedding floral design business for over 16 years and have worked in the wedding and event industry for over 23 years. Motivated by helping business owners see the possibilities for growth, creating, implementing a plan, and seeing results - my passion. By nature, I am a builder, designer, creator, and problem solver. Adaptation and innovation are my comfort zone.

During COVID, I enrolled in a class at Yale University - The Science of Wellness. Recognizing the toll that entrepreneurial endeavors take on business owners. I continue to expand my base of knowledge to share with those I work with. 


Privately, I photograph beauty, travel, write, and garden - fully partaking of life on the Central Coast of California. Yoga is my grounding, stargazing is my inspiration, and the beach is my solace. 

You are motivated by what can be. You have a vision and passion for where you want to take your business. Though your goal is solid, you need expertise to help you deliver your service or product to the marketplace and to get noticed. While striving to be excellent, you may require marketing expertise, including strategies, tools, and collateral to launch a new project, set up and direct a digital marketing effort, manage your social media, build a website, or design marketing collateral - getting your message to the right people.

Your time is premium and you focus on the operational aspects of your small business and are not currently at the level of hiring an in-house marketing director. You value the knowledge and know-how of someone who has vast real-business experience and is motivated to grow your brand with you.


You love what you do and care about doing it well. You are ready to build your business from the ground up or are excited to take your business efforts to the next level.



Yes! FREE. a few things that will help you think about marketing matters and how marketing relates to everything you're doing in your business. my motivation is to add value to your efforts - always. more tools will be added each month - so keeping coming back.


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A Few of My Favorite Things

(books, podcasts & more)

COVID-19 Checklist

for Wedding Pros

Social Media Schedule Template

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A Seed: An Illustrated Marketing Parable


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I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Civil Rights Activist



A few of the brands we have or are currently working with.




Insight from people we've worked with. If you're ready to say these things, we should chat.


"Corinne at MKTGsmith was instrumental in helping us launch our SLO Brew Gatherings brand for weddings and events. Her experience in the events industry and savvy brand insight have gone a long way in establishing our offerings, launching the brand to the local industry, and assisting our team in reaching our event market in California.”

— Rodney Cegelski, Co-Owner

SLO Brew Brands

"Corinne was a helpful sounding board in helping us navigate a challenge we were struggling with, offering insight and proactive recommendations for positive messaging."

— Pat Goetz, Owner

The Casitas of Arroyo Grande

"....a wizard not only backed with a degree in marketing but has had 20+ years in the wedding industry, she has a keen design eye and also accomplished the launch of Greengate Ranch & Vineyard to the success they are today. She is an invaluable resource."

— Thea Hargrove, Publisher

California Wedding Day Magazine

"Corinne is the leading consultant for high end and luxury wedding venues on the Central Coast. She is a marketing expert specializing in the wedding and event industry.  She has helped the number one venue on the coast become what is, both with marketing, and event operational setup."

— Beau Kramer, Owner

Kramer Events

Progress is fueled by the undying belief that the future is bright.

Simon Sinek

The Infinite Game




% average ROI on direct email marketing


billion social media users on the planet


Google searches per second


% of clicks go to the first 5 results displayed in search engines

THE BOTTOM LINE: Opportunity is abundant!



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I work by appointment via phone, zoom, or in person (especially over a great cup of coffee). Let me know what works best for you.

An initial consultation is complimentary (up to one hour) - tell me your goals, and let's see if I can help get you where you want to go.

All marketing plans and implementation projects are customized to meet individual business needs and goals, with itemized fees. A contract is required. Some services require a minimum term requirement.


p. 805/459-5635

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available anywhere

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